The Wellfleet Energy and Climate Action Committee, works in collaboration with the Town Board, committees, and employees to enhance sustainability efforts to reduce the Town’s contribution to climate change. The Town of Wellfleet is committed to the state of Massachusetts’ roadmap of 50% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030 and net neutrality by 2050.

The Committee focuses on both mitigation and adaptation.  Climate Change Mitigation consists of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in three ways: renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and conversion to cleaner forms of energy.  Climate Change Adaptation is the new aspect of the committee’s charge. As a low lying community, surrounded by bay and ocean we not only enjoy our environment but need to plan for the inevitable sea level rise and its consequences.

Currently, the Committee is focused on establishing energy and emissions inventories for the Town of Wellfleet, setting goals for emissions reductions, assessing the scope and recommending projects for energy conservation and renewable energy use, and formulating mitigation and adaptation strategies. Throughout the year, the Committee holds climate action workshops for community members focused on various topics including electrifying transportation, home heating appliances, converting to renewable electricity, and energy conservation.

The Committee has also helped spur the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) throughout Wellfleet and is focused on strategically placing the stations in a way in which equity and maintenance strategy is considered. Looking forward, the Committee helps to participate and help organize hands-on EV events for the public on the lower and outer Cape of Massachusetts and continue to help promote and spur various sustainability initiatives throughout Wellfleet. In addition, we are working on spurring adaptation of the new State Stretch Energy code by the towns of the Outer Cape.

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